Bowman Power today took part in the ‘Innovation Company Showcase’ at the Cleantech Forum Europe in Stockholm, Sweden. Bowman’s CEO, Paul Dowman-Tucker, gave a presentation on how their technology can play a critical role in achieving climate goals.

The event, the 15th of its kind in Europe, is organised by Cleantech Group and brings together influential leaders in clean technology to discuss game-changing products from multiple sectors. Thanks to their track record in reducing emissions and enabling cleaner power generation, Bowman was selected to be one of the few companies presenting at the event.

You can view the full presentation below or on Slideshare:

The presentation covered why cleaner fossil fuel use will be key in achieving climate targets, especially in the near term. By examining the rise in electrification, Paul showed the considerable opportunity for electrified turbomachinery to improve the efficiency of stationary power generation and transport markets, including road, rail and marine.

He then presented an overview of Bowman’s Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) products, along with detailing forthcoming products and the benefits of these technologies.

Paul rounded things off by explaining Bowman’s plans and investment needs. The company is looking for investors to partner with them on their journey with engine original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

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