Improved engine efficiency for OEMs

In a highly competitive market, we help engine and genset OEMs to differentiate their products and improve engine efficiency without the need to undergo extensive genset modifications and R&D projects.

The benefits of ETC technology for OEMs

Competitive advantage and increased market share

OEMs that integrate ETC technology with their engines and gensets offer customers a more technically advanced product. We can enable your genset to deliver improved fuel efficiency, achieving the same power output with a lower fuel consumption or generating additional power.

Read how global OEM Wärtsilä has partnered with us to design an ETC system specifically for the needs of their power plant customers.

Clean energy benefits

For OEMs serving the renewable energy sector, ETC-equipped engines enable end-users to generate more clean power from the same intake of finite renewable fuel sources.

Read our case study on a customer using a Cummins KTA50 running on bio-fuel.

Diesel engine fuel savings

The ETC system delivers between 4-7% fuel consumption savings, which, even at today’s low fuel prices, delivers significant cost savings to end-users operating a fleet.

See the value of fuel saved by our customers worldwide.

Security of supply

We understand and know how to support our OEM customers:

  • We have been operating since 2003 and have developed several long-term partnerships with OEMs
  • We are ISO 14001 and 9001 certified
  • We have OEM approved production, manufacturing and in-house test facilities, with the capability to deliver ETC systems at volume
  • The ETC technology is robust, reliable and proven in the field, with over 800 systems deployed worldwide. Read more about reliability in our FAQs

To learn more about how we support OEMs, get in touch.

Project in focus – Cummins

ETC on Cummins GensetIn January 2015, Cummins Inc and Bowman entered a strategic partnership, working to integrate our ETC technology with Cummins’ generator sets. Cummins had previously tested our technology at their own test facilities in Ramsgate and reported fuel efficiency improvements ranging from 5-8%.

Further long-term trials in Saudi Arabia have delivered significant fuel savings on Cummins’ KTA 50 engines, with both companies now developing global opportunities for wide-scale deployment of the ETC system integrated with Cummins’ engines.

Further details are in our full case study.