Following the publication of the ‘Global Energy & CO2 Status Report’ from the International Energy Agency, Bowman Power Group Ltd, has offered the following comments from Paul Dowman-Tucker, their CEO.

“We read with keen interest the latest Global Energy & CO2 Status Report from the IEA, and are pleased to see that energy efficiency continues to be the leading factor in reducing CO2 emissions.

With a 2.3% increase in demand for all global fuel sources in 2018 and a further rise in energy related CO2 to a historic high, it is clear there has never been a more critical time for energy efficiency technologies. Whilst overall energy intensity has fallen by 1.3% – driven by more efficient fuel sources and technologies – we are disappointed to see this is a smaller reduction than in previous years.

The IEA’s statement that there has been “lacklustre progress on implementing new energy efficiency policies or increasing the stringency of existing policies” does help explain some of the decline, however we do feel times are starting to change. At the end of 2018 the Medium Combustion Plant Directive came in to force, and there are other regulations on the horizon that will reduce emissions and lead to improved efficiency.

As a provider of energy efficiency technologies, we are proud to be playing a role in improving the efficiency of fossil fuels where it is necessary to use them. We are excited to see how our products, and those of the wider industry, will continue to build on this work in the years to come.”

Paul Dowman-Tucker
CEO, Bowman Power