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Engine efficiency solutions

For 16 years, we have specialised in high-speed electrical machines (HSEMs) and the power electronics to drive and control them.

This includes developing the world’s first cost-effective Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) system that increases the fuel efficiency of engines and generators (gensets). Now in their third generation, our ETC systems achieve payback quicker than ever before, are more reliable than ever and are a proven solution, thanks to 800 systems already in operation.

In addition to ETC, we have new HSEM products in development, including on-engine solutions. Whatever your engine efficiency challenges, we can help you achieve cost savings, reduce emissions, and improve performance.

Waste Heat Recovery Technology

Our proven and reliable range of Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) products deliver a step change in the efficiency of gas and diesel-fuelled reciprocating engines in the 150kW – 2.5MW range. They work by recovering waste heat energy from the engine exhaust and converting it to free useful power.

The ETC system enables genset end-users to maintain the same power output using less fuel and producing lower CO2 emissions or to produce additional power with improved fuel efficiency.  On gas gensets the technology also dramatically reduces unburnt hydrocarbon (methane) emissions.

Find out how the technology works and take a look at our applications for open gensets (i.e. in a power plant) and containerised gensets (as commonly used by power rental providers).

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Improved Performance For Power Generation

Wherever medium and high-speed engines are used we can help. Our primary markets include engine and genset OEMs, power rental providers and independent power producers (IPPs), although we also work with clients in the transport and industrial sectors.

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