Bowman Power Group Ltd (Bowman) has upgraded its product testing capabilities through the reconfiguration of their hot gas stand test cells in Southampton.

The hot gas stand is already being used to test all of the high speed turbo-machinery that comprises their Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) engine efficiency products. By using two Bowman-built compressors, coupled with a kerosene-fuelled combustor, they are able to reproduce the exhaust gas conditions of large industrial engines.

This process allows all flow capacities of their turbo generators and turbochargers to be tested to full speed and thermal capability. Product acceptance tests can be conducted from start to finish in the Bowman facility, allowing their ETC systems to be fully certified for customer use.

Since the hot gas stand was installed, it has achieved a 90% reduction in per-test cost and a 50% fall in test time. This has reduced the time for customers to receive their ETC systems, whilst eliminating the transport costs and shipping delays associated with testing off site.

Paul Dowman-Tucker, CEO of Bowman, said “Upgrading our hot gas stand has proved crucial for our product acceptance testing and engineering development work. Every system we build is tested and verified by a Bowman engineer, in a Bowman facility, so we have absolute confidence in our products. With demand for our latest ETC 1000 system increasing, bringing our production testing in-house reduces lead times so we can better meet customer demand.”

In addition to production testing, the hot gas stand will be used to carry out validation and investigation work on new technologies without the need to involve external test houses. Tests can quickly be devised and implemented on site, giving Bowman’s engineers the freedom to develop, test and refine their technology as required.