ETC 1000

More cost-effective, reliable and efficient than ever. Optimised for gensets from 600kW-2,000kW, or on larger engines and wastegates from 8,000kW - 20,000kW.

Introducing ETC 1000

ETC 1000 represents the pinnacle of our Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology, delivering a drastic step change in the efficiency of reciprocating engines.

Thanks to 15 years of research and development in engine efficiency; and 20 million field hours of operation across 800 systems, we have made a significant leap with ETC 1000. It offers the same performance benefits as our other systems but, with a simpler and more compact installation and, at a lower cost. This helps increase your return on investment and reduce cost per kWh.

ETC 1000 is the ideal solution to reduce fuel consumption, increase power output and reduce engine emissions.

Recommended by OEMs

ETC 1000 systemWe’ve worked closely with engine and genset original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure maximum efficiency and compatibility. Whether you have an existing engine, or are looking to purchase a new engine, ETC 1000 can provide an efficiency uplift.

Our technology is already in use worldwide across utilities, power generation and renewables sectors. This includes usage on Cummins KTA50 (diesel) and QSK60 (gas); Jenbacher J320 (gas); and CAT 3516LE (gas) engines. Trials are underway in further industries across Jenbacher J320 (gas), CAT 3516 (gas), MTU4000 (diesel) and Cummins QSK78 (diesel) engines, with further trials being planned.

It is suited to gas and diesel-fuelled open and containerised gensets in the 600kW-1100kW range as a single system and 1100kW-2000kW gensets as a twin system.

For larger engines, and wastegate applications, we can also provide a solution to suit your requirements, up to 8,000kW+ using a single system and 20,000kW+ for a twin system.

You can also find out more about how our ETC systems work here.

Looking for a solution for a smaller genset? Try ETC 300 for 150kW-400kW or ETC 600 for 300kW-1,200kW range.

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Additional information

Key benefits of the ETC 1000

  • Our most cost effective, reliable and efficient solution
  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Improves power density to increase total power output
  • Can be retrofitted or supplied on new engines
  • System options for a wide range of engines
  • Recommended by OEMs
  • Improved field maintainability with minimal maintenance required
  • Simple and compact installation

Technical specifications

  • Axial flow, horizontal axis machine architecture
  • TG dimensions: Up to 850 mm x 520mm x 726 mm. Weight: Up to 325kg
  • PE dimensions: 405mm x 850 mm x 1,200 mm. Weight 255kg*
  • Electrical power: 110 kWe (output from Mk5 power electronics)
  • Speed: 31,000-36,000rpm with automatic speed tuning
  • Built-in-bypass provision (rotor lock) in the event of ETC fault
  • Lubrication and cooling integrated with host genset
  • Integrated ‘black stop’ tolerance

* Not including external brake or coolant

Download full technical specifications: ETC 1000 turbo generator | Mk5 Power Electronics unit

Expected results

ETC 1000 ResultsOur in-house performance team are experts in improving engine efficiency and tailoring ETC systems to suit each engine type.

On the right-hand side, we’ve summarised the expected results of using ETC 1000 across several engines including CAT, Cummins, Jenbacher and MWM. Further information on other manufacturers and specific engines is available on request.

As engine operating conditions are highly variable, performance data is for guidance purposes only.

For further information on the results ETC 1000 can achieve, tailored to your requirements, please contact us.