Bowman Power Group Ltd (Bowman) showcased their cutting-edge energy efficiency technologies at this year’s Cleantech Forum Asia between 8-9 October 2019 in Singapore. The company’s CEO, Paul Dowman-Tucker, attended the event and took part in the Innovation Company Showcase, a session devoted to technologies that are defining the future of clean technology.

This year’s event provided two days of insights into sustainable innovation, with a special focus on achieving a net zero future. Designed as a showcase for new technologies and the future of Asia’s sustainable innovation ecosystem, it was well attended by corporates, start-ups and investors from both Asia and globally.

In Paul’s talk he showed how electrification of engine turbomachinery will play a key role in enabling the world to transition towards a net zero future. He explained how this is absolutely critical if we are to maximise the potential of the fuel sources and technologies we have available today, through making the use of fossil fuels cleaner, where it remains necessary to continue to use them.

He demonstrated this by outlining how Bowman is using e-machines to improve efficiency and reduce emissions in the power generation and transport sectors.

Paul closed his talk with a forward-facing segment, focused on the company’s growth strategy, forthcoming product developments and funding requirements to achieve their ambitious goals in Asia and worldwide.

You can view Paul’s slide pack below:

Paul Dowman-Tucker commented “We all have a role to play in ensuring a net zero future, whether that be through changes in individual behaviour, Government action or developing new technologies. I was very pleased to see these areas explored at Cleantech Forum Asia and the pioneering companies that are working towards this goal, along with having the opportunity to showcase how Bowman is contributing to tackling this challenge.”