Investment support options

With our connections in leading investment companies, renewable energy funds and export finance specialists, we are well placed to help our customers secure financial solutions, if required, to support the adoption of ETC technology and enable them to achieve efficiency and company growth goals.

As with all aspects of customer support, we can provide financial support to suit the specific needs of our customers. Here is an example of a specific customer’s needs and how we supported them.

Case study: Low cost multi-year loan for ETC rental

Finance case study diagram

Our customer: An international power rental company tested the effectiveness of ETC technology as a potential added-value component of its rental product offering.

The ETC trial delivered results above expectations, demonstrating a significant improvement in fuel efficiency, reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Financial support requirement: The customer needed a finance solution that would allow them to rapidly integrate the ETC systems at volume with the company’s gensets, and then rent the enhanced gensets, as an improved product for the market.

The customer asked for our help in spreading the capital cost of the ETC systems over multiple years to match the cash inflows from the rental of the equipment.

Our solution: We spent time to fully understand our customer’s needs, and build a financial model to articulate the cash flow needs to set up the equipment rental model.

We then worked with UK Export Finance to provide the customer with a low cost, multi-year loan facility which allowed them to spread the technology costs between 3 and 5 years.  This meant that our customer achieved a positive cash flow model from day 1 and internal rate of return (IRR) in excess of 20%.