Ongoing support as needed

After ETC systems have been installed their normal maintenance requires no technical capability other than that needed for regular maintenance of the host genset, and at the same maintenance intervals at the host genset.

Maintenance guides are supplied as standard with each system, and training can be provided, if required, by Bowman’s support engineering team. All ETC systems are supplied with a 12 month warranty. Extended warranties can be supplied, subject to discussion.

Spares and repairs

Our After Sales team will provide pricing for any spares required, as the need may arise, along with item lead times, and how to ship components to Bowman for repair.

Any components that require repair or replacement beyond the warranty period will be subject to charge.  Bowman will suggest any critical spares holding applicable to your project.

The ETC system is highly robust and reliable, but in the unlikely event of a system fault, our support engineering team are highly responsive and experienced with a wide range of engines and generator sets.