ETC for Open Genset

The Electric Turbo Compounding system is suitable for new build or retrofit application for a gas and diesel-fuelled open genset, improving overall energy efficiency and power density.

electric turbo compounding

The turbo generator

The ETC system consists of a turbo generator (TG) and a power electronics (PE) unit.

The host engine turbocharger is replaced or modified, but this is based on customer specific requirements and variables including host engine type, size, operating load and environment.

The TG is at the heart of the ETC system and recovers energy from the exhaust gas.

It consists of an additional turbine coupled to a high speed alternator, which converts energy into high-frequency AC electricity.

TG output is fed into the PE, and converted into grid quality, 3-phase AC, at 50 or 60Hz, and at a voltage for feed into a low voltage grid or local load.

The output voltage can be matched to distribution systems operating at 380-480V, or fed into a step-up transformer to contribute to a medium or high voltage grid.

ETC technology typically delivers between 4-7% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, or can generate up to 10% additional power, with improved fuel efficiency.


Step change in power plant efficiency

With two core components, turbo generator (TG) and the power electronics (PE), the ETC system is relatively simple to integrate with the host genset.

Depending on engine size, either a single or twin ETC system is required. The existing turbocharger is matched to the TG, or replaced where required with a higher-efficiency TC for optimum ETC performance.

Bowman can provide a full turnkey solution for design and installation, or support customers who carry out integration with in-house resources.

The ETC system requires no additional engine downtime for maintenance.

The system requires the same skills and competencies as normal engine maintenance so the work can be undertaken by the same crew at the same time.

Turbine Engine

ETC specifications

Download specifications for the ETC system core components. For more information, please get in touch.