ETC for Open Genset

The Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) system is an ideal way to improve the efficiency of an open genset, including gas and diesel-fuelled engines.

Open genset efficiency improvement

Our ETC solution can help improve the overall energy efficiency and power density of gas and diesel-fuelled open gensets. It is suitable for new build and retrofit application and we work directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure optimal performance and engine compatibility.

Our in-house performance team are familiar with all major OEMs and have vast experience that we can use to ensure our ETC system will be perfectly paired with your engine. Through simulations and on-engine trials we can give you the confidence needed to demonstrate that our solution is the right choice.

We typically deliver between 4-7% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, or can generate up to 10% additional power, with improved fuel efficiency.

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Step change in power plant efficiency

Open Genset on SystemWith two core components; a turbo generator and power electronics, the ETC system is relatively simple to integrate with your host genset.

Depending on engine size, either a single or twin ETC system is required. The existing turbocharger is matched to the turbo generator, or replaced where required with a higher-efficiency turbocharger for optimum ETC performance.

We can provide a full turnkey solution for design and installation, through our own team and global installation partners, or support you to carry out the integration with your own resources.

The ETC system requires minimal downtime for maintenance and has a high reliability rate. In addition, with over 20 million run hours achieved, there is no evidence that the ETC system has ever caused engine damage or decreased engine service intervals.

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We’re also experts in improving the efficiency of containerised gensets.

Project in focus – Powertron Engineering

Powertron Open GensetPowertron Engineering S.R.L. is an independent power producer and service organisation which works with power plant customers in Italy. They currently use our ETC 600 system on Cummins KTA50-G8 open gensets, running on biofuel (vegetable oil).

By using our systems, they have reduced fuel consumption by 7% and achieved operational cost savings of €230K, greatly increasing profitability. As a result of this increased genset efficiency they achieved payback within under 12 months.

“The results of implementing Bowman’s ETC technology has exceeded our expectations, and, as a result of the pilot, we plan to integrate more systems on our Cummins gensets”

Marco Mizzi, Managing Director
Powertron Engineering S.R.L.

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