High Speed Electrical Machines

We’re developing new solutions to achieve a step change in engine efficiency and emissions reduction.

Cutting-edge high-speed electrical machines

Bowman is a company with high-speed electrical machines (HSEMs) at the heart of all we do. It’s why we’ve been researching, developing and manufacturing them for over 15 years. We’re ideally positioned to tap into the abundant opportunities that exist to deploy this technology for efficiency in a range of sectors. In particular, we are one of the very few organisations to have in-house knowledge of HSEMs, turbomachinery, power electronics and engine performance all in one place.

That’s why, in partnership with recognised global players, we’ve developed highly innovative products, at cost points that are viable in very competitive and capital constrained markets.

Active projects – Electrified Turbomachinery

Whilst the automotive industry has made progress with electrified turbomachinery at the passenger vehicle scale, little has been achieved for heavy duty, on and off-highway, and industrial scale engines. The number of these engines, and their contribution to carbon emissions and general pollution, is significant.

We’re seeking to change this.

By integrating high speed electrical machines with turbochargers or simply compressors to create electrified turbomachinery, it is possible for these users to not be left behind.  Electric compressors rapidly provide engines with the air needed for combustion – much more quickly than the air coming from the turbocharger, which means acceleration can be achieved with much less fuel, and very high transient emissions during load changes are mitigated.  Electric turbochargers combine the waste heat recovery benefits of electric turbo compounding with the almost instantaneous boost pressure availability you have with an electric compressor.

We are the contracted electrification partner for a major global engine OEM and turbocharger manufacturer, with a view to creating electric compressors and turbochargers. Feasibility studies have been completed and development work is now underway.

If you are interested in partnering with us on HSEM developments, please get in touch.

Our capabilities

Combining HSEMs with turbomachinery requires a considerable engineering resource with expert knowledge, especially in order to drive down the cost of any new technology. Through multiple product development projects, and refining our ETC technology for three generations, we’ve become experts in this process.

Our world class engineering team has developed several HSEMs and associated machinery, including:

  • High-speed micro gas turbine generators
  • Concentrated solar power turbines
  • Active magnetic bearing gas turbines
  • Organic rankine cycle turbogenerators
  • Digital engine control systems
  • Engineering processes and controls
  • Retrofitted designs of turbine rotor and nozzle
  • Associated circuit boards, software and systems
  • Three generations of our Electric Turbo Compounding system (ETC)
  • Additional projects under non-disclosure agreements

To find out more, contact us.