Technical Specification

View detailed information for our turbo generators, turbochargers and power electronics.

Bowman’s ETC Technology

Bowman’s ETC systems comprise a turbocharger (TC), turbo generator (TG) and power electronics (PE) unit. These components work together in order to either increase the efficiency of your genset or increase the power output.

Through recovering the exhaust gases from the turbocharger, a turbo generator produces power which is cleaned by the power electronics in order to be clean and grid quality.

Component specifications

ETC 1000 component specification

ETC 600 component specification

ETC 300 component specification

ETC 1000 Turbo Generator

How the TG works

  • Waste heat energy (exhaust gas) feed through TG inlet
  • The force of the exhaust gas causes the TG wheel to spin at >30k RPM, unused energy is fed back to main exhaust stack
  • The TG wheel is directly coupled to High speed electrical machine (alternator)
  • The alternator produces a non stable AC current, which is exported to the Power Electronic unit (PE)

ETC 1000 Axial flow, horizontal axis turbo generator

  • 116kWe output
  • Lubrication and cooling integrated with host genset
  • Built-in-bypass provision (rotor lock)
  • 3 turbine variants for broad applicability

power electronics

ETC 1000 Power Electronics 

  • 110kWe, 220A rating
  • 400V/50Hz or 480V/60Hz operation
  • Broad grid code compliance

How the PE works

  • The AC current produced by the Alternator enters the Power electronics’ module
  • This AC input current is converted to DC before the final conversion to a 3 phase AC grid standard (50/60Hz) output

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