ETC 600

Our mid-range solution, perfectly matched for gas and diesel-fuelled gensets in the 300kW-600kW range as a single system and in the 500kW-1200kW range as a twin system.

The ETC 600 System

ETC 600 on systemNow in its second generation, ETC 600 takes the lessons learnt from our pioneering approach to improving engine efficiency and proves you can improve on a classic.

By refining the technology, and through single and twin setups ETC 600 can be used on gas and diesel-fuelled gensets in the 300kW-1200kW range. ETC 600 consists of a turbo generator and power electronics unit, with the option to replace your turbocharger for further improvements.

ETC 600 systems can also be designed with their own lubrication and cooling system, making them easy to install with minimum engine downtime.

Refined and tailored components

ETC 600 systemEach of our components has gone through the same evolution over the last 15 years, including our 5th generation power electronics technology. This refinement ensures a significant amount of recovered energy can be achieved from waste exhaust gas and converted back in to grid quality power.

ETC 600 is the ideal choice for engines 300kW-1200kW.

For further information on ETC 600, and simulations for your engine, please contact us.

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Additional information

Key benefits of the ETC 600

  • Our second gen system, improved by 15 years of R&D
  • Single and twin set ups for a wide variety of engines
  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Improves power density to increase total power output
  • Can be retrofitted or supplied on new engines
  • Simple and compact installation

Technical specifications

  • TG dimensions: 528mm x 494mm x 528mm. Weight 70kg
  • PE dimensions: 405mm x 850 mm x 1,200 mm. Weight 255kg*
  • Electrical power: 60kWe per module
  • Speed: 30,000-36,000rpm
  • 97.3% alternator efficiency
  • Compliant with ISO, EN, IEC and IP standards

* Not including external brake or coolant

Download full technical specifications: ETC 600 turbo generator | Mk5 Power Electronics unit