Containerised ETC

Our Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) system is equally suited for integration with containerised gensets, improving the efficiency of rental units.

Compact installation footprint

Through the installation of our ETC system, we can help owners and renters of containerised gensets to increase engine efficiency and reduce emissions. Thanks to a compact installation footprint, our products are well suited for application with containerised gensets, either as new-build units, or as an ongoing, retrofit upgrade to improve fleet efficiency.

The ETC system is integrated on-engine within the container, alongside ancillary systems, i.e. lubrication and cooling systems. As we design, cost and manufacture components to fit, we can ensure that we won’t impact the packaging of your container fleet.

This approach, perfectly tailored to containerised gensets, makes it easy to upgrade all, or part of a fleet as part of a regular fleet maintenance schedule.

Improved rental product

Containerised genset on systemThe ETC system is the ideal way for power rental companies to offer an enhanced rental product without impacting the footprint of a standard 40ft rental container.

Our ETC systems typically deliver between 4-7% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, or can generate up to 10% additional power, with improved fuel efficiency. Whether you need to improve the efficiency of an open genset or a containerised genset, the system works in exactly the same way.

We can provide a full design integration service for customers with containerised gensets, or can provide drawings, training and advice for customers with in-house resources if you wish to carry out the work yourself.

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Project in focus: Major IPP

Containerised Genset for IPPWe worked with one of the largest IPPs in South East Asia, who operate over 1,000 diesel gensets with a total generating capacity of 1,400 MWe. In need of a solution to help their containerised CAT 3516 engines meet contractual efficiency targets, they sought out our ETC technology.

Our ETC 600 system was the perfect solution for their 40ft containerised gensets, thanks to its compact size and ease of installation. The ETC 600 system achieved up to 7.4% fuel savings, and considerable savings even at part loads. We helped them achieve the required reduction and significantly improved the efficiency of their genset.

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