Containerised ETC

Our Electric Turbo Compounding system is equally suited for integration with containerised gensets, improving the efficiency of rental units.

Compact installation footprint

The ETC system is equally suited for application with containerised gensets, either as new-build units, or as an ongoing, retro-fit upgrade to improve fleet efficiency.

The system works in exactly the same way as on an open genset, and delivers grid quality, 3-phase electricity at 50 or 60Hz.

ETC technology typically delivers between 4-7% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, or can generate up to 10% additional power, with improved fuel efficiency.

Improved rental product

The ETC system is ideal for use by power rental companies, offering an enhanced rental product without impacting the footprint of a standard 40ft rental container.

The system is integrated on-engine within the container, alongside existing hardware, i.e, lubrication and cooling systems.

The ETC system requires no additional maintenance downtime to the host genset, can be maintained with the skills and competencies required for regular engine maintenance, at the same time by the same crew.

Bowman can provide a full design integration service for customers with containerised gensets, or can provide drawings, training and advice for customers with in-house resources who wish to carry out the work themselves.

turbo generator

ETC specifications

Download specifications for the ETC system core components. For more information, please get in touch.