Wärtsilä, a global leader in the power generation industry, actively seeks innovative ways to improve their offer to customers, placing a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and lower operational costs.

In collaboration with Bowman Power Group, Wärtsilä has improved the power efficiency of their 9MW 34SG gas engines, increasing power output by 1.5%.

Meeting the challenge

Bowman and Wärtsilä began working together in 2011 in Bermeo, Spain, to assess the effectiveness of the Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) energy recovery system. After a successful trial, Wärtsilä’s Energy Solutions division challenged Bowman to prove the long term performance and reliability of the ETC on a 9MW gas engine in Tirenda, Turkey.

Wärtsilä’s key requirements for the project;

  • Increased power output of a minimum of 1%
  • Optimal system performance with no detrimental engine impact
  • Maintaining consistent performance over 4,000 hour period
  • And the ability to handle shutdowns and start-ups automatically

Wärtsilä required an off-engine solution, so the Bowman team designed and built a bespoke system in which the ETC was housed within a frame. Typically, the ETC system is integrated on 200KW to 1.2MW engines. This trial offered Bowman a new challenge, to demonstrate the system’s effectiveness on a larger engine.

Wartsila 1234
Setting the standard

The results exceeded Wärtsilä’s expectations;

  • An additional 1.5% of free power generated
  • Zero impact on engine reliability
  • The system has performed consistently for over 8,200 hours (to date)
  • Handled over 600 engine shutdowns and start-ups with no difficulty

The system has generated over 450MWh of free energy to date (August 2015), with no increase to fuel consumption.

Wärtsilä and Bowman have now established an extensive project pipeline to provide more than 1.3GW of stationary power capacity over the next two years, with several production orders currently in hand.

For a detailed account of the trial, download our case study here.