Bowman Power Group Ltd (Bowman), revealed unprecedented insights into the development of their Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) products, to an audience at the 73rd Indonesia National Electricity Day & POWER-GEN Asia.

Dr. Shinri Szymko, Bowman’s Head of Engineering, gave the presentation to the assembled audience in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was one of several talks given to more than 8,000 attendees.

Dr. Szymko’s talk focused on the development of their latest waste to energy product for diesel and gas engines, the ETC 1000. From explaining the concepts that drive ETC technology, through to showing system set-ups, he grounded the presentation in the fundamentals before diving into the product development process.

You can view the full presentation below or on Slideshare:

The presentation explores Bowman’s new product introduction process, working through the extensive work required at each stage from opportunity to concept, design, validation and production. Throughout these phases Dr. Szymko looked at the funding, research, testing and third-party work required to bring a new energy efficiency product to market.

Most notably, he also showed how Bowman achieved a 40% cost reduction and 50% improvement in reliability in just a few short years.

Paul Dowman-Tucker, CEO of Bowman, said “With ETC 1000 now in full production and in use on several customer sites, it felt like the ideal time for us to reflect on the considerable effort required to bring it to market. From the drastic improvements in cost and reliability, through to the detailed work of Bowman’s staff and our partners, there’s a lot to explore. We hope the audience at POWER-GEN Asia, and those viewing the slides on our website, find the content insightful.”

Other notable insights from the presentation:

  • A history of Bowman Power
  • The key decisions considered in performance, cost, pricing, value and market
  • Turbine choice considerations
  • Power electronics basics and improvements
  • Production process
  • Project results

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