Ricardo, the global technology and engineering consultancy, conducted a two month simulation and experience based assessment of Bowman’s turbogenerators. The assessment focussed on diesel engine power ratings from 0.5 MW to 2.0 MW.

In summary, the assessment showed that Bowman turbogenerators offer significant fuel saving improvements and, if system level output is maintained, the potential risks to engine reliability and longevity are minimised.

Ricardo reported that the primary engine sub-system risk is the valvetrain system, with component durability being influenced by changes in exhaust conditions and may be straightforward to mitigate. For instance, in fuel saving applications, when a diesel engine is fitted with a Bowman turbogenerator the same system power output is produced, whilst running at a reduced base engine power output. This may be enough to mitigate the risk and if not changes to the valvetrain components may be required (i.e. stiffer valve springs).

Ricardo also reported that the risks associated with increased exhaust temperature and pressure should be minimal. In cases where the Bowman turbogenerators are used in continuous power applications, the diesel engines generally run at a de-rated output when compared with other variants. The increase in exhaust temperature and pressure still potentially leaves the engines operating within the normal parameters of the higher rated variants of the same engines.

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