Bowman Power has expanded its market into the Philippines thanks to a recent agreement for distribution of its advanced exhaust energy recovery technology in the country.

The agreement with Projectioneering Pty Ltd, a specialist in renewable energy project development, follows Projectioneering’s recent acquisition of Davies Energy Systems, a pioneering energy efficiency company with a long-standing presence in the Philippines.

Comprised of over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a fast developing economy with a fragmented national power grid and consequent need for large stationary generator sets. The island nation represents a potentially large market for Bowman’s innovative TurboGen™ technology which can reduce fuel consumption by 6-9%.

For fast-growing Bowman the agreement follows similar distribution arrangements  as Bowman expands its global distribution network.“Projectioneering, in conjunction with its recent acquisition of Davies Energy Systems, is pleased to be working with Bowman as a distributor of the Bowman products in The Philippines,” said Ron Steenbergen, Managing Director of Projectioneering Pty Ltd.

“Davies has a history of successful energy efficiency and recovery projects and is looking forward to promoting the Bowman products in the marketplace.

“The Bowman offering provides a complementary set of products that give Projectioneering and Davies a full suite of energy-related solutions to its clients and customers.

“It is an exciting development that will benefit the Philippines, Bowman and both Projectioneering and Davies.”

Bowman’s TurboGen ™ products improve engine efficiency resulting in reduced fuel consumption or, alternatively, higher electrical power output, in either case with reduced emissions. Bowman’s unique technology runs on a variety of engines including Cummins, Caterpillar, Scania, Volvo, MAN and Mitsubishi.

Bowman’s TurboGen™ has been replaced by our Electric Turbo Compounding products. Now more cost-effective and reliable than ever.