Rapidly expanding Bowman Power has extended its presence in South America with a recent distribution agreement signed by Giovani Yañez Flores, head of Speed ElectroService and Paul Shoemaker, Sales & Marketing Director of Bowman Power.

The Santa Cruz-based Bolivian company is specialised in Engineering, Design and Construction of Generation and Electromechanical Projects as well as Power Plants.

Like neighbouring countries, Bolivia witnesses a growth of its economy and associated needs for electrical power. While a large part of that need is addressed by large plants, many remote areas of the country rely for power supply on diesel or gas high-speed generators which are by nature less efficient.

Bowman’s innovative TurboGen™ technology can be used with a wide variety of power generating diesel engines, typically reducing fuel consumption by 6-9% while substantially reducing emissions.

Bowman’s technology runs on a variety of engines including Cummins, Caterpillar, Scania, Volvo, MAN, and Mitsubishi.

Bowman’s TurboGen™ has been replaced by our Electric Turbo Compounding products. Now more cost-effective and reliable than ever.