Bowman Power has significantly expanded its presence in southern and sub-Saharan Africa with a major distribution agreement with Powertech System Integrators.

The Johannesburg-based company is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of electrical and electronic equipment, with a particular presence in the mining, power infrastructure and renewable energy sectors.

Bowman’s innovative TurboGen™ technology can be used with a wide variety of power generating diesel engines, typically reducing fuel consumption by 6-9% while substantially reducing emissions – a fact apparently greeted with initial scepticism by Powertech’s customers.

Arno Bakker, Powertech’s Engineering Manager, said: “The first reaction we get when presenting Bowman technology to our clients is amazement, and there is a lot of doubt and cynicism. But after explaining the technology they realise it’s pure physics and nothing magical, which makes it immediately attractive.

We are always looking at different ways to add value to our clients and we can show them immediate gains. What we like about Bowman Power is that it supplies proven technology. We did our research to see what other competitive technologies were out there, but it turns out Bowman is one of a kind and there is nothing the same as their unique applications. It will give us an edge in the market and allow us to run down opportunities quicker than anyone else. With Bowman’s partnership and support I am sure we can grow this market.”

Powertech and Bowman introduced the partnership at the Mining Indaba 2013 conference in Capetown, South Africa where they enjoyed considerable interest from the market, validating this important partnership.

Bowman’s world-leading TurboGen™ exhaust energy recovery technology runs on a variety of engines including Cummins, Caterpillar, Scania, Volvo, MAN, and Mitsubishi.

Bowman’s TurboGen™ has been replaced by our Electric Turbo Compounding products. Now more cost-effective and reliable than ever.