Bowman Power is delighted to have won a substantial grant from the UK Government to part-fund a revolutionary new turbogenerator project that will help reduce carbon emissions.

The £700,000 grant from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) is tangible recognition of Bowman’s innovative and world leading energy recovery technology which converts engine exhaust gas into electricity.

The £1.4m project will produce a significant increase in the amount of energy from waste produced from biogas and landfill gas supplies, reduce global carbon emissions, improve the UK’s energy security and see an increase in hi-tech jobs.

Run in collaboration with Cummins Power Generation UK Limited one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers, the project will develop a new turbogenerator for 0.5-2MW diesel and gas engines, targeting efficiency improvements of up to 10%.

The technology will be a significant development of Bowman’s already successful turbogenerator units for smaller diesel engines, which are currently operating in over 600 systems worldwide. Cummins will be actively involved throughout the project, and will conduct on-engine testing at their Ramsgate facility. The project is due for completion early in 2016.

Dennis Heathfield, Executive Director of Cummins Power Systems Business, said: “Cummins is excited to be part of this project.  Our recent testing has demonstrated that Bowman’s Electric Turbo-Compounding technology offers the potential for reduced fuel consumption and power density improvements across our range of generator sets.”

For Bowman Power, CEO Dr Toby King said: “We are delighted to have the backing of the UK Government and Cummins in this exciting new project.   The grant from DECC’s Energy Entrepreneurs Fund has provided the necessary financial resources for Bowman, in conjunction with Cummins, to develop our turbogenerator technology so it is suitable for use with larger engines, with all the inherent, large scale benefits of increased power output and reduced fuel consumption.

“The number of biomass and biogas installations in the UK is rapidly increasing, and globally the potential is huge. There are also a very large number of 0.5-2MW diesel generators worldwide. The successful application of our technology is these areas will dramatically improve fuel efficiency with a consequent fall in CO2 emissions.”

Amber Rudd, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Energy and Climate Change, said: “The UK has a long and rich history of developing innovative and exciting new technologies that can enhance our lives whilst also tackling serious problems such as climate change. The Bowman Power project is being supported by the Energy Entrepreneurs Scheme which has been developed to help the UK achieve our ambitions to improve energy security and reduce emissions whilst also creating new jobs.”