Bowman Power (UK) is delighted to announce that they have signed an agreement with AES (Alternative Energy Systems) – a company based in the British Virgin Islands – to sell, distribute and support Bowman’s unique exhaust heat recovery technology in the Caribbean region.

Bowman’s technology works by recovering waste heat and pressure from the exhaust of large diesel generators and turning it into additional electricity. The net effect is a reduction in fuel consumption of 6-8%, depending on the engine type and operating conditions.

The agreement was signed today by Paul Shoemaker, Sales & Marketing Director of Bowman Power, and Jacco Bos, Managing Director of AES.

Paul Shoemaker commented: “We are delighted to be working with AES in a market as important for us as the Caribbean region”.

The remote nature of these island grids often makes diesel the fuel of choice for electrical power generation and other utility applications.  AES’s team of engineers and project managers are experienced with hybrid island grid development focused on the reduction of fuel consumption.

Mr Bos, from AES, commented: “Bowman’s energy recovery system offers the highest return on investment for engine driven power plants interested in reducing fuel consumption.  This is due to the 24hr predictable efficiency improvement that Bowman Turbo Generators offers. The reliable and consistent performance improvement makes waste energy recovery the most effective technology to reducing carbon emissions and the impact of rising fuel costs.  We believe AES’s extensive experience with island grid systems and contacts in the region will further enhance Bowman’s rapid growth. We look forward to a successful collaboration.”