Bowman Power has worked with its financial partners to develop two innovative financial solutions to better meet our customers’ financing requirements.

Bowman’s innovative waste energy recovery systems can save up to 8.5% fuel and have a typical payback of under 2 years. Utilizing the resultant fuel savings and payback from Bowman’s exhaust recovery turbogenerators, Bowman can offer unique financial solutions that are either cash flow neutral or cash flow positive. In many industries where the global financial slowdown has increased pressure on costs while at the same time imposed limitations on CAPEX, Bowman’s Financial Solutions can bridge the CAPEX gap and deliver fuel savings immediately.

Financing Option: A traditional financing option using an irrevocable letter of credit over a three year period (flexible periods available) can provide a cash flow neutral, or in the case of shorter payback times, cash flow positive option with no upfront cost. Afterwards you keep all the resultant fuel cost savings over the service life of our equipment.

ESCO Option: Bowman will act as an ESCO (Energy Service Company) for our Turbogenerators on your engines. Bowman will own, operate, and maintain Turbogenerators on your engines selling the resultant power to you or retaining a percentage of the resultant fuel savings.  Either way, you will be cash flow positive over the service life of our equipment.

To understand how Bowman can deliver fuel savings to you without a CAPEX investment in a cash flow neutral or positive return, contact Bowman Power at We will evaluate your engines and operating conditions to determine fuel savings and payback, and then propose your preferred Financial Option; subject to status.