Stand out in a standardised market

For companies who own and operate standardised, containerised fleets, the competitive environment is challenging and the need for rapid deployment and high fleet utilisation is key.

Our Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) system provides a competitive advantage for our power rental customers, enabling them to offer a higher-efficiency rental product, without impacting the packaging of a standardised container fleet.

Following successful trials with Aggreko, our ETC system is widely available in the rental market. We have also supplied the system to packagers and suppliers of temporary power solutions.

The benefits of ETC technology for power rental companies

  • Fuel saving: Industry leading fuel and CO2 savings, typically between 4-7%, depending on fuel and engine type
  • Extra power: Generate up to 10% additional power with improved fuel efficiency and a lower $ per kWh cost of power generation
  • Shared savings: In a shared savings model, through additional power output and fuel cost savings you can increase contract profitability
  • Reduced gensets: Bid contracts with fewer gensets and deliver the same power output to your customers. This also saves logistical costs and operational costs

Design integration and after sales support

  • The ETC system is easy to install, with a compact footprint and is maintained at the same intervals as the host engine. You can see how the ETC system works with containerised gensets here
  • As the ETC system is equally suitable for new build or retrofit applications, a rental company can upgrade all, or part of a fleet for increased profits as part of a regular fleet maintenance schedule
  • Our design engineering team can provide a full turnkey solution for rental gensets, or work with you to support in-house integration of the system

To learn more about how we support power rental companies, get in touch.

Project in focus – Aggreko

AggrekoETC on Aggreko is the global leader in modular, mobile power and adjacent products. The company operates from 200 locations in 45 countries globally and employs more than 6,000 people.

In 2014 Aggreko began a technology evaluation project with us to assess the effectiveness of ETC combined with the Cummins KTA50-G3, the core engine in the Aggreko rental fleet. Initial trials demonstrated a 4% additional power output and 5% improved fuel consumption.

“This partnership demonstrates Aggreko’s pursuit of innovation in our product strategy, and ongoing commitment to provide world-leading power solutions to our customers. We are looking forward to partnering with Bowman to further evaluate and develop a high-efficiency rental solution.”

Chris Weston – CEO,

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