Stand out in a standardised market

Rental fleets with higher energy efficiency are a more competitive choice for customers with a continuous short or medium term power requirement.

There are many types of power rental companies operating worldwide, offering generators for contracts which can be as short as a few days, through to multi-year interim power contracts.

For power rental providers who own and operate standardised, containserised fleets, the competitive environment is challenging and the need for rapid deployment and high fleet utilisation is pressing.

The benefits of ETC technology for power rental companies

Creating differentiation and competitive advantage

ETC technology provides a competitive advantage for our power rental customers, enabling them to offer a higher-efficiency rental product, without impacting the packaging of a standardised container fleet:

  • Competitive advantage with proven and reliable energy recovery solution.
  • An ETC-equipped rental fleet generating more power per genset, up to 10% additional power with improved fuel efficiency.
  • Bid contracts with fewer gensets than competing companies, and deliver the same power output to customers.

Increased end-customer advantage

A rental company’s customers typically carry the fuel cost:

  • With ETC, rental companies offer their customers industry leading fuel and CO2 savings, typically between 4-7%, depending on fuel and engine type.
  • Where a shared shavings contract is in place, both parties benefit from cost savings.

Improved profitability

A rental fleet with improved fuel efficiency offers increased profits for rental companies:

  • ETC technology delivers benefit for rental companies, with a lower $ per kWh cost of power generation.
  • In a shared savings model, rental companies increase contract profitability through increased power output and fuel cost savings.
  • When fewer gensets can be deployed to meet an end-user’s power requirements, the rental company saves logistical costs (transporting the genset) and operational costs, with fewer units to maintain.

Design integration and after sales support

  • The ETC system is easy to install, with a compact footprint and is maintained at the same intervals as the host engine. You can see how the ETC system works with containerised gensets here.
  • As the ETC system is equally suitable for new build or retrofit applications, a rental company can upgrade all, or part of a fleet for increased profits as part of a regular fleet maintenance schedule.
  • Our design engineering team can provide a full turnkey solution for rental gensets, or work with a customer to support in-house integration of the system.