Increased efficiency and profitability for IPPs

Using our engine efficiency technology IPPs can run highly efficient plants and improve profitability. Whether you need to reach contractual fuel efficiency targets or reduce the cost of energy generation, our Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) system is the ideal solution.

With a long product life and cost-effective payback period we can support you over the lifetime of your contracts.

The benefit of ETC technology for IPPs

Higher bid conversion rate:

In a non-standardised market, bidding for a power plant contract with a higher efficiency fleet has been proven by our IPP customers to be a key factor in their success. With ETC, you can offer customers a better, more technologically advanced power plant, and achieve rapid payback on your investment.

Meet or beat contractual efficiency targets:

An IPP operating engines with ETC technology integrated as standard has clear advantages:

  • Where your customer pays for fuel, ETC technology offers an immediate saving to the end customer through reduced fuel bills
  • Improved energy efficiency increases the likelihood of achieving and even exceeding contractual fuel targets, avoiding costly penalties and potentially enjoying gain share

Increased profitability:

Our ETC technology is proven in the field and highly reliable. It is suited to retrofit as well as new-build applications, which means it can be used at any stage of a contract to give an immediate boost in profitability:

  • If you are carrying the fuel cost, the ability to generate the same power output with less fuel intake delivers increased profit for the duration of the contract – this is especially valuable for those in waste to energy sectors in incentivised green power markets
  • Some contracts specify a shared fuel savings model. Through using ETC technology you can offer better savings and more profit to your customers, whilst also increasing your own profitability

Design integration and after sales support:

Our engineering design team has the skills, expertise and experience to support the integration of ETC technology into IPP projects:

  • The system is simple to integrate with a genset, is maintained at the same intervals as the host engine, and does not require specialist engineering skills to maintain
  • After sales support is provided for the life of a project, and our customer support engineering team can travel to support projects almost anywhere in the world

To learn more about how we support IPPs, get in touch.

Project in focus – Pacific Energy

Open Genset on SystemPacific Energy is a power station and energy infrastructure owner and developer. The company owns and operates 40 power generation stations, has a total capacity of over 200MW, and supplies both off-grid and grid-connected power.

Pacific Energy partnered with us to give them an edge over the competition and generate additional value for their customers. They purchased over 100 Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) systems for integration with Cummins gensets.

“We are delighted with our partnership with Bowman. The ETC technology has significantly enhanced the fuel efficiency of our power generation offering”

Adam Boyd – CEO
Pacific Energy Limited

Rapid payback and increased profitability (example)

IPPs save $ms with ETC technology