Powertech System Integrators (PTY) Ltd (PTSI), a subsidiary of Powertech and the JSE listed Altron Group, announced the launch of their exciting new technology at their Open Day to be held at Car & General premises on Thursday, 12 November 2015, in Nairobi.

This new offering, dubbed the Power Cube, makes your engines operate more efficiently, and can deliver up to 5% fuel savings. Rapid and easy to install, the Power Cube recovers waste energy from your engine exhaust, and turns it into free, grid quality electrical power. This means you can maintain your required power output, but with reduced fuel consumption, reduced costs, and reduced environmental impact.

The Power Cube offers the proven benefits of Bowman Power Group’s Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) energy efficiency technology in a compact, easy to maintain package. No interference with your engine, no specialist skills required to install and no need for additional cover or protection – the Power Cube is robust, secure and works perfectly in even the most challenging of operating environments.

Arno Bakker, Senior GM at PTSI, remarks; “The combination of engineering and technology enables plug and play energy efficiency, reduction in fuel consumption, lower operating costs, zero impact on engine operation and rapid ROI.” The solution can be adapted to a variety of sectors, from telecoms, water and power utilities, to mining and commercial companies.

Powertech System Integrators, Bowman Power Group and Car & General look forward to hosting prospective customers, key suppliers and government officials at their launch.