The East African Power Industry Convention (EAPIC) aims to look into the Energy Industry’s challenges and find solutions to on-going issues, such as failing infrastructure and rising electricity demand. Over the next few days, delegates at EAPIC will have the chance to share knowledge and discuss future plans, and though the African Power Industry is facing issues, there are still many exciting opportunities to explore.

Power demands in Africa have risen year-on-year, while Power utilities often show little or no increase in generation capacity. McKinsey & Company recently reported;

Sub-Saharan Africa is starved for electricity. The region’s power sector is significantly underdeveloped, whether we look at energy access, installed capacity, or overall consumption. The fact that sub-Saharan Africa’s residential and industrial sectors suffer electricity shortages means that countries struggle to sustain GDP growth.” (Source)

In Kenya alone, only 32% of the population (44.35 million) have access to electricity. The gap between available power and required power is widening, aided by rising population figures and a continued lack of financial support. However, this demand gap can be an exciting opportunity for investors and new prospectors looking to supply a constant source of power.

Graham McDonald, Senior Sales Consultant of Bowman Power Group, said;

There are huge opportunities for power generation in Africa, strictly because of the demand. There’s also a huge opportunity in supporting infrastructure and development. The unmet demand in itself is a huge prospect for the region to grow. When, for example, you facilitate the lighting up of rural areas, giving industries adequate power, there is such excitement and it makes a lot of difference in terms of the growth of GDP, starting up people’s lives, and making citizens happy about their location.”

EAPIC is a key event in supporting, promoting and enabling these investments. With the additional presence of solutions providers, IPP’s and current utility companies, EAPIC is the ideal staging ground to exchange ideas and plan future projects. While the African power sector faces many challenges, there is real momentum for change.

Bowman Power Group and our strategic partner, Powertech System Integrators, will be attending the event, and you can find us at stand 304.