As the East African Power Industry Convention (EAPIC) comes to a close today, already the event is celebrating another successful year of knowledge sharing and discussion. Along with workshops, exhibitions and discussion panels, the event also presented the East African Power Industry Awards yesterday, giving recognition to outstanding projects and individuals. Delegates from around the globe had the chance to meet and exchange information and ideas in one of the world’s fastest growing power sectors.

Ravikumar Patil from Cummins Power Generation Kenya, said;

“The event helped me a lot with networking needs. It offered an opportunity to establish vital contacts with international level manufacturers and suppliers. I had an excellent experience.”

Although Africa has historically experienced challenges with its power generation and distribution, the forecast for new projects, innovations and improvements in the region is positive overall.

The linking up of national grids on the continent will be the first of many beneficial steps to take on the road to a consistent power supply, with already high-voltage lines are planned. A link between Ethiopia and Kenya will be ready in 2017, a link between Kenya and Uganda ready by 2016, and a link between Kenya and Tanzania ready for 2018.

Projects such as these are what make the growth of Africa’s Power Industry so significant. With EAPIC as the ideal staging ground for further partnerships and projects, Africa is set to see substantial changes in the near future.

James Gitau, Senior Engineer of Kenya Power, commented;

“It has been a great experiences and an opportunity not only to understand the state of the power sector but also to meet with and interact with the leaders and drivers of the industry. I also got the opportunity to meet contacts for manufacturers and suppliers of power equipment.”

Graham McDonald, Bowman Power Group’s Senior Sales Consultant who attended the event, stated;

“EAPIC has provided a fertile ground for new business relationships, and it’s been a delight to be here with Powertech. Our ETC technology can make a real difference here in Africa, and with our new Power Cube we’re aiming to facilitate Africa’s strong growth potential. The high operational costs of power generation in Africa can benefit greatly from solution-based implementations. EAPIC has given us vital insight into that sector.”