Cleantech Innovate focusses on green, innovative technology, and provides a platform for companies developing clean, green technologies and products for the low carbon sector. The programme offers showcase companies the opportunity to connect with investors, business support and industry leaders.

As one of the finalists for the recent Cleantech Innovate 2015 awards, we were invited to present our innovative and unique energy efficient Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology, and how it can reduce the environmental impact of companies using gas and diesel gensets.

The ETC system increases the energy efficiency of reciprocating genset systems, by reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, or by generating additional power using the same fuel input.

Dr Toby King, CEO of Bowman Power Group, attended Cleantech Innovate in London on 12th Februaury to address the audience of investors, green technology enthusiasts and industry specialists.

 “Even with a state of the art genset with up to date technology, almost a third of the energy in the fuel ends up as wasted heat in the exhaust pipe.”

Bowman Power Group’s ETC technology has a track record of providing companies worldwide with higher levels of efficiency from their reciprocating gensets. Delivering proven results with up to 7% fuel savings or 10% more power, with an average of 10 to 20 months payback, Bowman’s ETC technology rapidly delivers business and environmental benefits.

“It’s proven, it’s robust. We have sold over 600 systems, we’ve accumulated over the equivalent of a thousand years of running hours, and we‘ve generated enough free electricity to power a city the size of Southampton for a year.”

Watch the presentation video below,