Increased efficiency and less emissions for genset users

ETC 1000 systemYou can’t always change your genset, but with our Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) systems you can realise its true potential. By converting waste exhaust energy into grid-quality electrical power, our ETC systems improve power density and fuel efficiency, whilst reducing emissions.

Our ETC products use cutting edge energy efficiency techniques to make gas and diesel-powered gensets work more cleanly and effectively. They are also a quicker and cheaper approach to improving energy efficiency than engine manufacturer modifications.

For 16 years we’ve been combining long-standing principles in turbo compounding with our own modern approach to high-speed electrical machines (HSEM).

Our systems comprise a turbo generator and power electronics unit, whilst we replace or modify the engine turbocharger based on your requirements.

ETC vs other energy efficiency technologies

When compared to other technologies, such as organic rankine cycle (ORC), our ETC systems are:

  • More compact and easier to install
  • Much lower cost per kWh generated
  • In active production, unlike other experimental technologies
  • Proven in the field, with over 800 systems in use
  • Tested and validated by OEMs and independent research bodies
  • Refined and improved by 15+ years of R&D
  • Over 20,000,000 running hours

ETC system range:

The technology is equally suited to new-build and retrofit applications, for engines in the 150kW-2.5MW range. Our ETC solution has completed over 22 million operating hours on engines from over 10 OEMs, burning various gas and liquid fuels.

We’ve worked closely with engine and genset original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure maximum efficiency and compatibility. Our systems are currently in operation on CAT, Cummins, Jenbacher (Innio), MAN, Mitsubishi, MTU, Scania, Volvo and Wärtsilä gensets.

Don’t see your engine listed? There are many more engines we can support so get in touch.

Benefits of our energy efficiency solution

Through integrating our ETC technology with your gensets, generators and engines you can deliver an enhanced offering that increases power generation capacity.

  • Increased engine efficiency and energy savings
  • Reduced fuel consumption, between 4-7%
  • Reduced carbon emissions (CO2 and UHC)
  • Generate additional power, up to 10%
  • Rapid payback, even with low fuel prices

To find out how we can help, and view performance simulations please get in touch.