In this blog series we talk to our power industry experts here at Bowman Power Group, to provide our readers with an insight into the diverse range of talents and expertise that make us proud of our team. Previously in the series, we’ve spoken to Dr. Shinri Szymko, Head of Technology, Matt Butcher, our Principal Support Engineer, and Rob Fallon, Senior Mechanical Engineer.

Today we speak to John Carolin, Business Development Consultant, about how he supports Bowman and our customers.

What’s your background, and how did you come to join us at Bowman?

I had a chemical industry background, most of it with BOC Group (British Oxygen), but in the last 10 years I have been working for quite small companies in the renewable energy and clean technology space.

I joined Bowman after a meeting with Toby (King, Bowman’s CEO). There was a lot going on with the commercial side and he thought with my experience I could do some useful stuff. It was initially a six-month assignment starting in April 2015, which has been extended.

What’s your role here at Bowman and what are your responsibilities?

In the early phase it was working with the executive team to rethink the commercial strategy, in particular how they were segmenting the market and developing a more focused approach to customer selection.

The three areas the company concentrates on now are power rental companies; independent power producers; and generator OEMs, the people who actually build the generator systems. Having selected those segments we have been developing our offers to most closely match what those customers are looking for.

How does your work impact our customers and the development of the Electric Turbo Compounding system?

The impacts of my work are both internal and external. The external impacts are what we offer to customers and how we communicate. Our aim is to be insightful and more powerful in terms of our interface with the customer.

Looking inside it’s easy to think that we only sell pieces of metal and electronics, but actually customers buy a whole solution, the hardware plus services around it, like after-sales support. Customers are looking for end-to-end support, not just the technology itself, and we do a lot to support our customers all over the world. Communicating how we work is important.

What challenges have you been faced with/overcome in your role?

Bowman has been successfully expanding its customer base but is still a fairly young, small company with big growth plans. The biggest challenge has been to narrow our focus to three core market segments, rather than try to conquer the world all at once!

We believe (and are seeing proof) that developing long term relationships with key customers, and becoming partners for shared success, rather than more basic ‘supplier’ transactions, will enable the company to achieve its ambitions. This is a strategy that everyone in the company supports, and is working hard to deliver.

What’s your favourite aspect about your role?

To me it’s all about people. There is a great team here at Bowman but it’s also about the people externally, the business partners and customers we have.

I’ve just been working on surveying a range of Bowman customers, who say great things about the technology and how innovative it is, but truly value the fact that people here are energetic, committed, believe in what they are doing, and are always willing to go the extra mile.

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