New white paper demonstrates ETC efficiency and reliability

Our customer, an Independent Power Provider (IPP), operates over 1,000 diesel gensets across South East Asia, with a total generating capacity of 1,400MWe.

The IPP is contracted by a state utility on an annual basis. The contract includes specified fuel efficiency targets, with the utility aiming to lower efficiency targets annually. The IPP is therefore liable to penalties if their engines’ average fuel consumption is greater than contractual targets.

Looking to increase the fuel efficiency of their rental fleet, the customer trialled Bowman’s ETC technology on a CAT 3516 TA genset to determine the effectiveness of the technology.

The project’s key customer requirements were:

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Decrease fuel consumption by 5% or more
  • Installation of the ETC within the existing genset container – compact footprint

CAT image

Exceeded targets
The trial delivered significant results and exceeded the customer’s requirements, with a 7.2% fuel saving achieved at the 100% load point, 7.4% reduction at the 80% load condition, and 6.3% at the 54% load condition. This demonstrated to the customer that fuel efficiency is significantly improved with Bowman’s ETC system, even at part loads.

To download the white paper, please click here.