At the 25th Supercharging Conference 2020 in Dresden, Germany, Bowman Power Group Ltd (Bowman) showcased a new technology to improve gas genset performance.

Keith Douglas, Bowman’s Head of Performance, delivered a paper titled “Electric Turbocharging: A path to increased lean burn gas genset efficiency together with diesel like transients”.  The Supercharging Conference is a highly regarded event, where OEMs and suppliers present cutting-edge techniques and technologies to improve engine performance.

Keith’s talk focused on the development of new electrified turbomachinery to improve reciprocating engine efficiency. Specially, he looked at how Bowman’s technology can improve high-speed lean burn natural gas engine performance.

As fuel cost is the single largest expenditure for operators, and with increased pressure to reduce emissions, Keith presented two novel solutions to meet these challenges:

  • Electric Turbo Compounding: Bowman has developed this solution over the last 16 years. It offers the highest achievable electrical efficiency gain through waste heat recovery, together with emissions reductions.
  • eTurbo: Delivers increased electrical efficiency through waste heat recovery, reduced emissions, increased ambient / altitude capability and enhanced controllability with transients akin to diesels.

Together these high-speed electric machines present opportunities for improvements in engine sizes from 0.5MW upwards. To demonstrate the potential, he illustrated improvements in efficiency, fast start-up, different operating modes and more.

Bowman sees a long term future for this technology with gas, biogas, green hydrogen, ammonia and many more fuel sources. For a copy of the slides please contact Keith Douglas here.