Bowman’s TurboGen™ products have now exceeded 1 million operating hours in the field, worldwide.

Bowman is pleased to report that over 1 million hours of continuous commercial operation have now been accumulated across the fleet of TurboGen™ products. Currently the TurboGen™ technology is available for 2 engine types:

– the Scania DC12 inline 6 engine, used primarily in Europe;
– the Cummins KTA-50 V16 engine, used globally.

This milestone is further demonstration that Bowman’s innovative technology is durable and robust in the extreme environmental conditions that are encountered within the Stationary Power industry.

Bowman’s rapidly growing order book and installed base mean that we expect to pass 2 million operating hours by Q3 2012. We will also be demonstrating the technology on several new engine types within this year.

Bowman’s TurboGen™ has been replaced by our Electric Turbo Compounding products. Now more cost-effective and reliable than ever.