Bowman Power Group Ltd (Bowman) and University College London (UCL) recently presented a new engine efficiency technology at the 14th International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition (INEC 2018) in Glasgow.

They looked at the “Evaluation of electric-turbocharging applied to marine diesel-engines for waste heat recovery”. This drew from four years of study conducted with financial support from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation agency, and working with partners Rolls-Royce Power Systems, Lloyds Register and UCL. The companies explored the feasibility of using Bowman’s Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) products in the marine sector.

You can view the full presentation below or on Slideshare:

Keith Douglas, Head of Performance Engineering at Bowman, and Santiago Suarez De La Fuente, Research Associate from UCL, first gave an initial overview of the ETC technology and Bowman’s success with it to date. This included a look at the Turbo Generator, Turbocharger and Power Electronics that comprise Bowman’s latest ETC 1000 system.

They then explained the rationale behind using ETC technology for shipping and showed the potential uplift that could be achieved when paring a marine engine with the ETC system.  This included improvements in mechanical power and electric power output.

The presentation was concluded by showing annual overall fuel savings that could be achieved and representative costs.