Bowman Power has achieved another million hours milestone in operating time for our customers. 

Dr Toby King,  Chief Executive Officer, reported, “We are pleased that Bowman Power and our customers are working together to improve energy efficiency and reduce Carbon footprints. We now have over 500 units in the field and we are delighted with the product reliability and the performances being achieved by our customers. We have a number of contracts in place with major clients and we look forward to hitting the 6 million hour mark already”.

What Does 5 Million Operating Hours Mean?

When running a Cummins KTA50-G3 fitted with a Bowman Turbogenerator, customers save up to 8% on fuel consumption. Running at full load for 8,300 hours in a year, customers can reduce diesel fuel consumption by 155,000 litres while generating 400 metric tonnes less of CO2.

The accumulation of 5 million operating hours on the Bowman products is roughly equivalent to saving 93 million litres of diesel and generating 240,000 metric tonnes less of CO2.

According to EPA calculators, generating 240,000 metric tonnes less of CO2 is equivalent to 50,000 passenger vehicles not running on the road for a year or the Carbon sequestered annually from 196,000 acres of forest.

Many Bowman Products Have Now Been Running For Well Over 20,000 Operating Hours

The achievement of 5 million hours of commercial operation has been accumulated across the fleet of Bowman Turbogenerator products. Currently Bowman technology is available in the 200-2000kW range, on variety engines to include, but not limited to: Cummins KTA50-G3, Caterpillar 3512 and 3516, Scania DC12, Mitsubishi S12R and S6R and Volvo TAD1641.

In August 2013, Bowman has over 500 units in the field. A significant proportion of these units have achieved well over 20,000 hours of running with routine inspections and the occasional oil change. Many have been running for more than 99% of the time since they were installed.