Convert waste to energy with improved fuel efficiency

Where extra power is the goal, our ETC system is a proven way to increase the total power output of a generator. Renewable power producers, using biogas (anaerobic digestion, landfill gas, wood gas etc) and liquid bio-fuels, can generate more power from the same renewable resources by converting waste to energy, something that is especially important in incentivised green power markets.

In many countries around the world, the levels of incentives available for renewable energy make a compelling economic case for using ETC technology to generate additional energy from waste.

Through providing their customers with a higher efficiency genset, coupled with our ETC technology, generator packagers can enable power producers and end-users to increase their revenues.

The extra power from the ETC technology can also be used to achieve a higher power density from the same generator package, something that is highly valued by rental companies and others looking to reduce logistical and other operating costs.

Net power increase with ETC technology on a Cummins KTA50-G3, with no change in fuelling from baseline:

waste to energy case study

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Project in focus: Schnell Motoren AG

Schnell Motoren AG significantly increased its market share by integrating our ETC technology with the company’s dual-fuel CHP units. With ETC, the Schnell CHP unit achieved in excess of 48% electrical efficiency, enabling end-users to generate additional power and claim a higher feed-in tariff, which was triggered by genset efficiency performance of over 45%.