Stand out in a crowded market

Tens of thousands of gensets are sold globally, every year, and the demand for power is increasing, particularly in developing economies with unreliable or insufficient power infrastructure. Added to this, despite the move toward renewable power generation, the use of fossil fuel-based power generation remains (and is predicted to remain) widely used.

There are many options available for purchasing or hiring solutions that provide extra power capacity. Due to this competition, it is becoming increasingly challenging for companies throughout the supply chain to create differentiation and competitive advantage.

Cleaner and more efficient power solutions create differentiation

ETC technology is used by independent power producers (IPPs), power rental companies and generator OEMs seeking a competitive advantage and increased market share. By recovering waste energy from the engine exhaust to generate power, and with no fuel input costs, it provides an improvement to the overall efficiency of the genset, enabling end-users to reduce the amount of fuel burned.

ETC is a proven and reliable way for companies with clean energy policies and targets to achieve their goals, and for many customers it enhances their technology and green credentials. See how much CO2 is saved by using ETC technology.

Improved product offering

An ETC-equipped genset is more efficient than a base model:

  • Typically 4-7% less fuel consumption for both diesel and gas gensets
  • Fewer carbon emissions
  • Increased power density
  • Capability to increase power output and capacity, with improved fuel efficiency
  • ETC system integration offers improved efficiency without increasing service or maintenance requirements
  • The cost of generating power through waste heat recovery is substantially less than burning more fuel, even with low diesel prices

Return on investment

We have demonstrated strong return on investment (ROI) and internal rate of return (IRR) for our customers across a number of sectors. Whether you are selling power solutions improved with ETC, providing enhanced rental products, or running long-term power contracts we can help.

We can also assist with financial modelling, to ensure that investment in ETC technology will add value.

For further information on how we can help you achieve competitive advantage, get in touch.