Helping IPPs achieve contractual efficiency targets

We successfully integrated our ETC 600 system on a CAT 3516 TA containerised generator set (genset), operated by an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

The IPP operates over 1,000 diesel gensets across South East Asia, with a total generating capacity of 1,400 MWe. They also hold long-term contracts with the country’s largest state utility to provide power to remote communities and industrial operations.

With specified fuel efficiency targets, and penalties if their engines’ average specific fuel consumption was greater than contractual targets, for the IPP it was essential they could find ways to improve efficiency.

We were challenged to improve fleet efficiency of the IPP’s CAT 3516 TA gensets, which had been averaging fuel consumption of 2.7% in excess of the contractual targets. Our team designed a full turn-key solution for the IPP’s containerised gensets, so the ETC 600 installation had to be compact, and had to deliver 5% fuel reduction to achieve the IPP’s objectives.

Project results:

During this project we helped the IPP to achieve the required reduction and significantly improve the efficiency of their genset, even at part loads. This included:

  • 7.2% fuel savings at the 100% genset load point
  • 7.4% fuel savings at 80% load
  • 6.3% fuel savings at 54% load
  • Demonstrated reliability through long-term durability trials in onerous operating conditions

CAT cs image

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