Reduced fuel consumption and emissions for biogas farm

Bonnhoff Buchenhof Bioenergie (Bonnhoff) operate two sites in Germany that turn waste in to biogas. Keen to reduce their fuel consumption and emissions, Bonnhoff sought out Bowman to explore how their Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology could help them achieve this goal.

The project

Bowman had already installed over 400 ETC systems in Germany, more than in any other country. When combined with their extensive experience with biogas engines this made Bowman an ideal supplier for the project. It was agreed that Bowman would initially fit their ETC 1000 engine efficiency system on a Jenbacher J312 engine at one of the sites.

Bowman worked with their German installation partner, Wulf Johannsen KG GmbH & Co (Member of the STORM-Group), on the installation. With the engine located in a small room the space presented logistical challenges. These were overcome through planning and engineering work before the installation, along with cooperation between all parties on site.


  • 12,000 kWh power generated in just over a week, with no additional emissions
  • 5.7% reduction in fuel for the same power output
  • 30% reduction in unburnt hydrocarbon emissions
  • 18% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (% CO2-equivalent)
  • Customer showcase held on site to demonstrate the technology to other interested parties

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“I have been very pleased with the results from the ETC 1000 system, with some highly promising initial gains in efficiency and reductions in emissions. Bowman and STORM-Group worked seamlessly together and have provided an excellent level of support from day one.”

Bjorn Bonnhoff, Customer,
Bonnhoff Buchenhof Bioenergie

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