7% fuel savings and rapid payback on bio-fuelled engines

Powertron Engineering S.R.L. is an independent power producer and service organisation which works with several power plants, selling power capacity to customers in Italy.

They actively seek new and innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of their power plants, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance competitive advantage in the market.

Powertron worked with us to test the effectiveness of the ETC 600 system to improve the performance of their customers’ sites. For the initial trial, Powertron wanted to assess how the ETC system could improve the performance of a Cummins KTA50-G8 genset, running on biofuel (vegetable oil energy created from waste).

Following the collection of baseline data, we integrated an ETC 600 system on the genset in a dedicated engine room.

Project results:

During this project we achieved the following:

  • Increased genset efficiency
  • Achieved operational cost savings of €230K, greatly increasing the profitability of the site
  • Reduced fuel consumption by 7%
  • Achieved payback within 12 months
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

Click here to download the full case study.

“The results of implementing Bowman’s ETC technology exceeded our expectations, and as a result of the pilot, we plan to integrate more systems on our Cummins gensets”

Marco Mizzi, MD,
Powertron Engineering S.R.L.

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