6% fuel savings on Cummins KTA50

Bowman Power Group has partnered with Cummins Power Generation to demonstrate reliable operation of the ETC 600 system on the Cummins KTA-50 G3 generator set.

Over 100 ETC 600 systems have been purchased for application on the Cummins KTA-50 engine family across 3 continents.

The ETC system is available as either a turn-key solution where it is housed in a separate container or as an integrated on-engine system. Download the white paper to find out more about the system and applications with the Cummins KTA50 range.

“Our experience throughout testing over the last 4 years has been that the Bowman ETC equipment performs in line with predictions and data sheets”

  –   Mark Bargent, Technical Director, Cummins Inc.

ETC system performance:

SFC 50Hz