Working directly with OEMs

In January 2015, Cummins Inc and Bowman entered a strategic partnership, working to integrate our ETC technology with Cummins’ generator sets. Cummins had previously tested our technology at their own test facilities in Ramsgate and reported fuel efficiency improvements ranging from 5-8%.

Further long-term trials in Saudi Arabia have delivered significant fuel savings on Cummins’ KTA 50 engines. Both companies are now developing global opportunities for wide-scale deployment of the ETC system integrated with Cummins’ engines.

“Our experience throughout 4 years of testing has been that the Bowman ETC equipment performs in line with predictions and data sheets.”

Mark Bargent, Technical Director,
Cummins Inc.

6% fuel savings on Cummins KTA50

One company who has used our ETC system to great effect on Cummins engines is Pacific Energy, a power station and energy infrastructure owner and developer. They own and operate 22 power generation stations, with a total capacity of over 200MW, and supply both off-grid and grid-connected power.

Over the past four years Pacific Energy have purchased 100 ETC 600 systems for application on the Cummins KTA-50 engine family across 3 continents. As a result of this, we have helped them to offer increased value to their customers.

The ETC system is available for Cummins engines as either a turn-key solution where it is housed in a separate container or as an integrated on-engine system.

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ETC system performance:

SFC 50Hz

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