Generating ROI for power generation markets

Our ETC technology is generating ROI for customers worldwide, helping to cut costs, reduce emissions and improve efficiency. Our core benefits include:

Achieve competitive advantage

Through integrating our ETC technology you can win more business with more efficient, more technically advanced diesel and gas generators. Our technology recovers waste energy from the engine exhaust to generate power and has no fuel input costs. This provides an improvement to the overall efficiency of the genset, enabling end-users to reduce the amount of fuel burned.

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Use less fuel and reduce CO2

Our ETC technology enables genset operators to generate the same power output using less fuel and producing fewer carbon emissions. We typically deliver a fuel consumption reduction, and CO2 savings of 4-7%, although this does vary depending on engine type, size, fuel, age, condition and operating environment.

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Reduce greenhouse gases and unburnt hydrocarbon emissions

We can help you to meet emissions legislation and to prepare for forthcoming targets around greenhouse gases. This includes the potential to achieve an 8 – 15% reduction in greenhouse emissions of gas fuelled engines/generators over a 20-year time horizon.

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Convert waste to energy

The ETC system enables the production of as much as 10% more power with improved fuel efficiency, converting electricity from waste. Renewable power producers, using biogas (anaerobic digestion, landfill gas, wood gas etc) and liquid bio-fuels, can generate more power from the same renewable resources by converting waste to energy, something that is especially important in incentivised green power markets.

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