Tried and tested engineering principles

In this video, Paul Dowman-Tucker, CEO, explains how our Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology works, how the principles we employ are found in many household technologies, and why our ETC system is unique in the power generation industry.

Our technology uses the established principles of turbocharging and turbo compounding to recover waste energy from the exhaust of reciprocating engines and convert it to free, grid-quality power.

The ETC system is available in a range of options applicable for gas and diesel fuelled engines in the 150kW to 2MW range. We also have products for much larger engines which feature a waste gate. Depending on the engine output size, either a single or twin ETC system is required. Find out more in our product section.

The history of turbo compounding

Whilst our patented system is unique in the power generation industry, turbo compounding itself has been in use for more than 60 years, including use in aircraft, motorsport engines, and heavy truck engines.

History of turbo compounding infographic