The need to improve energy efficiency

In this video, Board Director, Dr. Toby King, explains the problem that ETC technology was created to solve, and why energy efficiency solutions are increasingly important for the power generation industry.

With a typical genset, 30% of fuel energy ends up in the exhaust pipe to atmosphere. Manufacturers of diesel and gas engine and generator sets (gensets) have spent millions of dollars over the last few decades to make incremental improvements to the energy efficiency of their products.

Our Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) energy recovery technology delivers a step change in efficiency and can cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 4-7%, or generate up to 10% extra power.

The ETC system is used by engine and genset manufacturers, power rental companies, and independent power producers (IPPs) to enhance competitive advantage and provide greater value to their customers, through improved genset energy efficiency.

Use less fuel. Cut CO2. Produce more power.

The demand for power is increasing

The *EIA International Energy Outlook Report, published in 2015, predicts that energy demand will rise by 70% globally by 2040. This increase is even higher in developing economies, where power infrastructure is often unreliable and not mature. These developing markets are predominantly where our customers operate, and reliance on fossil fuels remains high.

At Bowman, we believe there is an economic and environmental imperative to ensure that, where fossil fuels are still essential for the power generation industry, we use them as efficiently as possible.

Energy Efficiency