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Thank you for your interest in including Bowman Power in your publication. We’re a UK company that reduces the emissions and increases the power of gensets through turbo machinery and power electronics.

We’ve spent the last 15 years enabling more efficient and cleaner operations with fossil fuels where it is necessary to use them, helping to make the global energy mix greener. Our patented products make gensets compliant not only with the emissions regulations of today but also many that are on the horizon.

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Mike Essex – messex@bowmanpower.co.uk 
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17/01/2019 – Bowman Power achieves landmark UHC emissions reduction for gas generators
13/12/2018 – Bowman Power celebrates 15 Years of innovation driven engineering
14/11/2018 – Bowman Power collaborates to create innovative engine efficiency solution for the marine sector
06/11/2018 – Bowman Power at the Solent Festival of Engineering
24/10/2018 – Bowman Power fundraise and beat the competition at the Great South Run
20/09/2018 – Bowman Power lifts the lid on product development process at Power-Gen Asia
19/09/2018 – CooperÖstlund Ltd awarded UK installation agreement by Bowman Power
13/09/2018 – Bowman selects Asthma UK as charity partner
04/09/2018 – New Head of Performance Engineering at Bowman Power

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Paul Dowman-Tucker CEOBowman CEO: Paul
Bowman Power ExteriorBowman office
ETC 1000 systemETC 1000 system
ETC 1000 cutawayETC 1000 system
ETC 1000 being installedETC 1000 being
Turbo charger installedTurbo charger after
Power electronics in containerPower electronics
in container
ETC 1000 in containerETC 1000
in container
ETC on single systemETC 1000 single
system set-up
Twin SystemETC 1000 twin
system set-up
Power electronics unitPower electronics
(cut away)
How it worksHow the ETC
system works

Bowman Power bio

Bowman is a provider of engine efficiency solutions including the design, development, installation and ongoing maintenance of high speed electrical machines. They help customers to generate additional power, reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

Their award-winning Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology has been deployed worldwide, generated in excess of 620GWh of free energy and saved over 300,000 tonnes of CO2. The majority of major engine and genset original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), large independent power producers and a global leader in the rental sector have all used Bowman’s technology to improve genset efficiency.

Bowman is supported by a number of leading investment companies, including Ombu Group, Jon Moulton and Fjord Capital. The company is based in Southampton, UK, and employs around 60 staff.