Power Generation

The stationary power
generation sector is a
core market for Bowman.
We can improve the
efficiency of diesel power
plants and diesel gensets
used in power generation.

Power Generation

Power Generation
(Diesel & Gas Power Plants)

Reciprocating diesel engines dominate the <3MW power plant market and over the past twenty years they have almost all become turbocharged to increase their power density. Bowman provides technology to maximise the efficiency of medium to heavy duty turbocharged diesel power plants and gensets in the 250kW to 2.0MW power range (typically 6 to 90 litres engine displacement).

When used with such engines a Bowman turbo generator will increase power output by 10 to 15 percent, or reduce fuel consumption by up to 8%, with the additional benefit of reduced emissions pro-rata to the fuel saved.

The Bowman turbo generator is driven by the waste energy in the engine exhaust (33% of the energy in diesel fuel typically exits via the exhaust of a turbocharged engine).  A further stage of turbine expansion can be used to recover even more energy and boost efficiency or power.

With power generation applications, the power from the turbo generator is channeled via the Bowman power electronics module directly to the grid, in parallel with the main generator. Bowman already has a number of diesel power plant products available, with more under development. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or for further information.