Enough energy to power 10 Olympic Games

Our ETC fleet worldwide has clocked up over 13,000,000 running hours, generated over 400GWh of free energy, and saved enough fuel for an Airbus to make more than 400 transatlantic flights...

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Our proven and reliable Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology delivers a step change in the efficiency of gas and diesel-fuelled reciprocating engines, by recovering waste heat energy from the engine exhaust, and converting it to free, useful power.

The ETC system enables genset end-users to maintain the same power output using less fuel and producing fewer CO2 emissions, or to produce additional power with improved fuel efficiency.

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Our ETC technology has been developed for the power generation sector.

The system is used by engine and generator set (genset) OEMs, power rental providers and independent power producers (IPPs), to increase competitive advantage and add value to genset end-users.

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Meet the experts: an interview with John Carolin

“We believe that developing long term relationships with key customers, and becoming partners for shared success, rather than more basic ‘supplier’ transactions, will enable the company to achieve its ambitions. This is a strategy that everyone in the company supports, and is working hard to deliver.”


400GWh of FREE energy and counting…

Our Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) systems have passed 13,000,000 running hours and generated over 400GWh of free energy.

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Tried and tested engineering principles

‘Whilst our ETC technology is unique in the market place it is entirely based on long-standing principles and technologies which have been around since the early part of the last century.’


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